4 Reasons to choose Divorce and Family Mediation Services

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1.  Quality services

DFMS provides high quality mediation services for couples going through separation and divorce.  Roslyn Zinner, LCSW-C has extensive experience with custody and property settlements in both private and court-ordered cases. Since 2000, she has worked with over one thousand couples from all walks of life, ages, income levels, occupations, religions, and situations. She has worked with military families, gay and lesbian couples, married and never married couples, and individuals with psychiatric or medical disabilities.


The three keys to our success are our extensive experience, our ability to listen to both partners, and our dedication to fairness and impartiality. 

2.  Experience

Ms. Zinner is the author of numerous published articles about divorce, mediation, and parenting.  Since 2000, Ms. Zinner has mediated property, parenting, and support issues with hundreds of couples. She is on the custody panel for several circuit courts in Maryland, and is on the panel in several circuit courts for mediation in open adoptioncases.  Well known in the Maryland mediation community, she provided leadership as president of the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR) from 2009 to 2010, serves as an assessor for mediators seeking certification through MCDR, and served as a member of their Certification Committee.

3.  Specialties


Ms. Zinner has been helping families as a therapist since 1975 Ms. Zinner's experience as a family therapist and clinical social worker provides you with invaluable background and expertise in parenting, child development, crisis intervention, and family dynamics.  While attorneys have more legal knowledge, they rarely have training in these essential areas.  Because the law is always open to interpretation, legal questions are best answered by an independent counsel, even when your mediator is an attorney.  On written end-of-mediation evaluations,  participants give Ms. Zinner high marks for neutrality, caring, competence, knowledge, and ability to defuse anger.

4.  Fees

The hourly fee is $210.  With a two session (two hours each) minimum, charges are for in-person sessions only.  This includes reviewing your financial information, drafting of an agreement, and editing it to your satisfaction, and is conditional on your filling out all three required forms and furnishing mediator requested info in a timely fashion.