Ten Tips for Retaining Sanity During Divorce

The early and middle separation periods feel like insanity for many people.   Try these ten tips for returning to normalcy.

  1. Focus on the present and future; don’t rehash the past.
  2. Try to separate your role as a parent from role of ex-partner.
  3. Keep conversations with your ex focused and specific.
  4. Never badmouth the other parent to your children – it will only backfire on you.
  5. Express concerns with “I” language, not “YOU” language.
  6. Take advice from family and friends with many grains of salt.
  7. Form a co-parenting partnership focused on what is best for your children.
  8. Realize you can’t control everything that happens when your children are with the other parent; try to let go unless there is real danger.
  9. Find a good friend or relative with whom you can vent before making an angry phone call or confrontation.
  10. Use mediation to settle your custody and financial issues. Save money, time, and aggravation.